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Mogzee is the brand new platform/shooter game from Bulky Spider.

In this game you play as 'Mogzee' an experimental bionic nanobot that has been sent inside of a videogame console in order to eliminate bugs in the software.

Under your control Mogzee is able to utilise its incredible agility by dashing sliding and jumping around inside the various themed levels.

The differently themed worlds that Mogzee has to negotiate are populated by a large variety of enemies, which, on contact with it, will will cause the the software that Mogzee is trying to recover to crash even further, and each time it does so Mogzee will find it increasingly more difficult to see, until a point where Mogzee's environment becomes so dark that it can't see at all and the game is over.

Fortunately a power up will appear at random positions that Mogzee can collect to make itself glow therefore providing just enough light to complete the level.

Mogzee won't be able to dodge or avoid every bug it encounters in which case it can use its ability to spit projectiles at the enemy in order to eliminate it.

Mogzee must complete the mission on each screen and locate the key that gives access to the next level.


A - Left

D - Right

W - Jump/Double Jump





The game was created for the #FFSjam using a project that has been underway since November 2016, some of the characters were taken from a game that failed to hit the mark on Greenlight earlier that year and reworked to closer match my original vision for the game, which consisted of genuine chiptune music and sound effects, pixel sprites at 16x16 resolution albeit without the colour restrictions of the games which inspired the gameplay such as Manic Miner, Arcadia, Sonic, Ghouls And Ghosts etc.

Plans are afoot to create further worlds and levels in future depending on how the game is received, and I'd fully appreciate any comments or criticism regarding any aspect of the game.


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